Christmas Clerihews

We try not to play favourites with our cards, but our Christmas Clerihews are up there.

Good old Google defines a Clerihew as ‘a short nonsensical verse, typically in two rhyming couplets with lines of unequal length and referring to a famous person’. In other words, a crap poem about someone famous.

Our chosen subjects? Our favourite Christmas characters! We had a lot of fun writing these - we hope you like them!

John McClane – Die Hard
Die Hard is firmly embedded into the Jot family Christmas– every year, we watch John McClane outwit Hans Gruber while we decorate the tree. This tradition marks the start of the festive season and prepares us for any eventualities that might happen at the Christmas do. Therefore, we could not agree any more with this meme: 

Ebenezer Scrooge
This was a fun card for us to make. Especially when we'd realised we'd been spelling Ebenezer wrong after hand printing over 200 cards. We'll be over it by Christmas 2017. 

Kevin McCallister - Home Alone
Probably the most violent of our Christmas characters, but definitely the one with the most adorable face. Kevin McCallister is a Christmas hero for braving Joe Pesci and his horrid family in the same film. This is our tribute to Kevin. 

Buddy The Elf
Strictly speaking, a Clerihew should be on four lines. But there's so much good stuff we could mention about Buddy that he gets five. 

A mixed set of all six Clerihew Christmas cards is now exclusively available on our website, featuring John McClane, Kevin McCallister, Buddy the Elf, St Nick, Rudolph and Scrooge.  



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