Our 1st Birthday!

One year ago, we launched our website with this Instagram post:

Just a few weeks before, we’d left London to move back in with our parents so we could save on exorbitant London rents and invest more of our earnings into Jot (thank you patient parents). Since then, we’ve had the busiest year of our lives.  Here’s our year in numbers:  

1 website

1 new letterpress machine

1 full time job left

1 video by Motion Hiro

2 of us now working on Jot full time

2 logos

2 trade shows

2 guillotines

3 wedding invites

Can’t remember how many all-nighters

150+ designs

337 Instagram posts

401 tweets

3800 pins on Pinterest

100,000 mistakes

Loads of lovely new people met!

To celebrate our first birthday, we're offering 4 hand-printed cards for £5 in our Lucky Dip, featuring a mixture of sample and old brand greetings cards. 

Thank you for all the support! It’s meant the world to us to be able to do something we love. Here’s to Year Two! 

Rebecca WitterickComment